Vitalift Eye Device By Accèlère

Ergonomically and easy effective to use, Vitalift Eye device by Accèlère is using a non-invasive combination of LED light and micro-current technology,  targeting periorbital wrinkles around the gentle eye area. This device uses electrical ions to increase the hyaluronic acid within your skin, which helps to stimulate the fibroblast cells, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Blue and red LED light therapy can help creams to penetrate deeper layers of your skin, helping in increasing skin elasticity and reducing eye melanoma. The massage function pulsates at 7000 times per minute. This helps to revive the skin cells, reducing puffiness and dark circles. The ion function heats up on the skin with a vibration frequency of 13000 times per minute. The temperature heats up to 45 degrees, which helps to lift the skin around the eyes up and repairs the signs of ageing. Device can be used safely around the eyes and face. Includes USB cable charge. How to use: 1. Click the on/off button; the product will start to vibrate the moment the device touches your skin. 2. Softly press the device along your skin; the longer you do the treatment the better the absorption of product. 3. Select the massage mode and magnetic heat lift according to your personal needs.

£ 800.00