Ultrasonic Eye Treatment

The delicate skin around eye area needs special attention; therefore our specialists combined skin science and technology in creating this revolutionary ultrasonic device.

Ultrasounds penetrate deep into the dermis and stimulate collagen production, improving the appearance of wrinkles by recovering the skin’s elasticity. This new patented technology offer an alternative for surgical lifting, which enhance blood circulation, shrink pores and spots leaving the delicate skin around the eyes smoother and tightened.

Blue and red LED light therapy can adjust skin’s sebum production, reduce inflammation and puffiness. By improving blood circulation and cell regeneration, red light help in reducing dark circles, revealing a firm and smooth skin texture with less visible wrinkles.
With just 10 minutes usage, 2-3 times a week, the skin around the eyes will look brighter and rejuvenated.

£ 1,895.00