About Us

About Us

Accèlère  was created out of the desire to offer consumers a new and innovative option for the care and treatment of skin conditions, including diminishing fine lines, treating sun marks and enlarged pores, preventing aging; a unique, easy to use, non-invasive aesthetic- home treatment, that combine advanced age defying technologies to achieve spectacular results.

Our vision is that beauty comes from inside out , and we think that to achieve a tighter, brighter skin, with a youthful appearance and more rejuvenated, we need to activate the underlying skin layers, dermis and epidermis. And here is from where the magic of Accèlère comes from.  Our devices activate the deepest layer of the skin, to stimulate blood circulation and collagen production, which develop a more youthful complexion, helping the skin regain its firmness and brightness.


Accèlère is producing LED light Therapy devices for skin rejuvenation, especially created for aesthetics treatments purposes only combined with electromagnetic stimulation, micro vibration, cooling and heating of the skin in wire-less hand-held units suitable for home use.  These therapies have been analysed, developed, and promoted by scientists and medical experts over the years.

Our technology works in synergy with the skin, being based on extensive research, technological innovation, and advance knowhow.

Combining all these therapies, Accèlère is a more efficient in fighting the appearance of sagging skin for a rejuvenated looking complexion.

Red/Blue LED light


(620-730 nm Wavelength) The red light penetrates 8-10mm. Best for the treatment of periorbital wrinkles.


Targets the oil glands located in the deeper layers of skin

Electromagnetic stimulation, Heating and micro vibration

The EMS uses pain-free micro-currents to expand and contract muscles in a targeted area which makes muscle to tone and strengthen.

Heat therapy increases the blood flow in the skin, which is essential for the regrowth of damaged tissue.