Eyesonic Device

The Accèlère skin care Eyesonic Device is the latest innovation in eye care technology. This smart device combines high frequency sensor technology with magnetic heat therapy that triggers massage treatment to the delicate eye area and works to restore the elasticity of the skin. This elegantly designed, USB chargeable device may be carried anywhere and used when you need it most. This intelligent eye beauty massager integrates high frequency vibration, hot compress, and red-light care, and it can be used together with eye cream and other skin care products to make eye skin radiant and firm. Its unique design, easy to carry, it brings a comfortable and relaxed massage experience to the eyes at your own convenient time and place. Product Features:
  1. All-in-one unit provides heating, high frequency micro-vibration and ions functions that works to improve the elasticity of the skin and restore its youthful appearance.
  2. The red-light waves help reduce dark circles, puffiness and the amount of wrinkles.
This facial Eyesonic device address a variety of skin care concerns from dull complexion to acne prone skin, being suitable for all types of skin. Simply chose the function that best suits your concern and start enjoying a healthier, better-looking skin from the first use.

£ 1,495.00