Infrared Body Shaping Massager

Ergonomically designed, this infrared device has integrated the EMS technology, vibration and heating functions, making it not just a body massager but a medical device too, being suitable for relieving neck, shoulder, back, arm and leg muscle pain. EMS and massaging functions not only help relieve muscle soreness, but also promote blood circulation and cell regeneration for a healthier, rejuvenated looking skin.

Red LED light can improve the skin appearance by stimulating collagen production, which can mitigate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It can reduce swelling and redness, treat inflammation, and stimulate healing and regeneration of cell tissues. Helps reducing the amount of fat beneath the surface of the skin and thus reducing cellulite. The ultrasonic waves break down fat cells which are then eliminated by the body’s lymphatic system, reducing fat deposits accumulated under the skin, helping to lift and tighten the skin, thin arm, waist, abdomen, hips, and legs.

Portable and very silent, this device is suitable for home, office, and travel usage, to treat and relax at the same time.

£ 1,895.00