LED Beautifying Mask

The Beautifying Face and Neck Mask from Accèlère offer full face and neck coverage with more than 800 beauty LED beads so that every inch of skin to be treated with lights waves in order to achieve a shiny and rejuvenated skin. Pearlescent and rose gold high-end matching colours, the mask has a transparent visual eye design and it was created especially to treat all the area of concern and to be the most comfortable beautifying device to be worn. LED light can improve skin tone, reduce acne and scars, rejuvenating the skin and reducing fine lines by stimulating collagen production and improving visibly the skin elasticity. With a different wavelength action, this mask treats the face, eye area and the neck as well as conferring effective eye protection with the incorporated silica gel glasses. The 3 different types of LED colour lights, this mask treats multiple skin problems: the blue colour improves and treats especially acne, scars and help in shrinking the pore size; the orange light acts on the subcutaneous layer improving skin redness, erythema and dullness, while the red light fights against early aging and reduce the fine visible wrinkles. The mask has an auto switch on off which acts when the mask is put on the face and taken of. It can be used on battery and there is no need to stay plugged in , offering freedom of movement at your own convenient time and space and this makes it and amazing alternative to the time and money consuming medical injections, surgeries and beauty salon's visits. Just with 20 minutes a day, upgrade your skin care routine and treat the areas of concern at your own home build in salon.    

£ 4,995.00

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