Multifunctional Tightening & Lifting Device

Combining the new electrostimulation, radiofrequency, and vibration massaging, all available in 3 levels with the 3 different LED Lights (Red, Blue and Green) alongside a specially designed probe, with 5 flexible touch sensors, makes this device a futuristic, multifunctional, must have beauty device.

It can be used for treating the face and eye area, as well as the neck and body.

Radiofrequency waves distribute heat that prompts your skin to produce more collagen and elastin, speeding up cell turnover, so the skin gets firmer over time. Electromagnetic stimulation is the ideal treatment for toning the muscle to tightening the skin. This procedure uses micro-current to stimulate the muscle to make it stronger, tighter, and leaner. This will result in the muscle filling up the loose skin for smoother and firmer appearance.

The 3 different LED Lights (Red, Blue, and Green) help accelerate blood circulation, promote skincare absorptivity, stimulating the rebirth of collagen and reducing wrinkle appearance.

Used twice week on the face, eyes, and neck area, will improve skin appearance, giving a lifting and V-face shaping effect. Skin will look tightened, rejuvenated and more radiant.

£ 1,985.00

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