Vitalift Face, Eye & Neck by Accèlère

Vitalift Face, Eye and Neck Devices by Accèlère are new ergonomically, lightweight devices which can be used anywhere, at any time. Box contains 2 devices, which help to reduce eye, face and neck lines and firm the face area using special technology. It has 3 different massage functions, 2 lights ( red and blue) and 3 different modes to use it for achieving the best results. Different functions are used to treat different face areas and to help skin regenerate. Warming Massage Function: Use 42°C  at constant temperature to promote the blood of circulation, accelerate metabolism and eliminates toxins. Cooling massage Function: Use 10°C at constant temperature to shrink pores and lock-in water of skin. It also reduces facial swelling upon wakening. Vibration massage Function: Effectively stimulates the skin and increases skin elasticity. LED Red Light Care: Penetrates deep into the layer of the skin to improve blood circulation, promote skin metabolism, activate cell and collagen and eliminates toxins. It also beautifies skin by improving pigmentation and recovering skin elasticity. LED Blue Light Care: Anti-inflammatory and reduces acne, relieves facial flush, good for acne treatment. Having multiple functions ( massager, heating and led therapy)  for face and eye area, makes this device perfect to be used everywhere and anytime. BLUE and RED LED light therapy combined with the heating function and used when applying creams and masks, increases their effectiveness by penetrating deeper layers of your skin, helping to increase skin elasticity and to reduce eye melanoma. Includes USB cable charge. HOW TO USE:
  • Click the on/off button;
  • Apply your cream or serum on your neck or face. The product will start to vibrate the moment the device touches your skin;
  • Select the massage mode and magnetic heat lift according to personal need;
  • Softly press the device along your skin; the longer you do the treatment the better the absorption of product.

£ 4,783.00