Luminoux by Accèlère

Reverse visible signs of ageing and discover a more youthful looking complexion with the Accèlère Lumineux LED infrared & heat therapy skin care device, with our unique Jade Gel applicator that delivers minerals into the skin.

The Lumineux device is an advanced facial treatment that incorporates infrared LED lights with heat technology that work in synergy to stimulate the fibroblasts, replenish natural collagen production, and combat everyday micro-inflammations that accelerate the ageing process. This innovative device treats the skin from the upper epidermis layer to the deepest hypodermis layers, thus ensuring targeted penetration to the skin.

Its unique Jade Gel applicator will heat up to 50° Celsius that increases local blood flow by providing topical heating to the treated area while also delivering essential minerals such as Zinc & Magnesium into the skin with every treatment. The smart skin sensor enables lights when properly positioned on the face, and its time indicator make it easy to use. Suitable for daily use, the Lumineux device leaves the skin feeling firmer and more refined with visible results after as little as two weeks. Ergonomic design – Comfortable to hold and easy to use. Regular and continued use is recommended for best results.

Usage Time: For best results - In the first month (4 weeks), use at least 3 times a week, 20-28 minutes each time (5-7 minutes on each treatment area). After the first month, use as needed, normally once a week.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Vegan

£ 7,886.15